Ravens Em-BEAR-assed at Home

Report Card Ravens Em-BEAR-assed at Home

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Alright folks, sit back and buckle your seatbelts. These grades are going to get ugly.

Offense – Overall: F

The Flacco Report: C+

Now, many of you may be looking at Joe Flacco’s stat line of 22/41, 180 yards, 2 INT and wondering how it’s only a C+.

Well, let’s take a quick look at Baltimore’s 3 turnovers:

Fumble: Maxx Williams catches a Flacco bullet, turns and passes the first down marker as the Ravens enter the red zone, only to fumble the ball.

Interception 1: Breshad Perriman hit in the stomach, drops the ball before getting smacked. The ball flies up in the air and into a defender’s hands.

Interception 2: Chris Moore runs a comeback route, has the ball go through his hands and hit him in the chest, doesn’t make the catch and again the ball is tipped up into a defender’s hands.

The debate about Flacco is going to get interesting. On one hand, he still makes boneheaded plays, such as when he crossed the line of scrimmage before throwing to Mike Wallace for a “touchdown.” However, on the other hand, he gets absolutely no help from his receivers. Whether it’s drops causing interceptions or a drop like Michael Campanaro’s that hit him in the hands on a slant route for what should have been a first down and kept the team in position to drive for points at the end of the first half.

Flacco didn’t play well by any means, but he also had 3 key passes dropped by receivers, two of which flew into the hands of the opponent. That’s more on his pass-catchers than on him.

Running back: B

The duo of Alex Collins and Buck Allen carried the ball 25 times yesterday for a strong 123 yards. However, what really impressed me is that they’re putting up that type of production with this offensive line.

Collins seems to have to create something out of nothing on the majority of his carries and there just seems to be a lack of big holes opening up in the run game.

However, the ability of both Collins and Allen to find space and make some big gains is literally the only thing the Ravens offense has going for it.

Wide Receiver and Tight End: F-

As mentioned in the Flacco Report, these pass catchers are bad. Very bad.

Let’s start with Perriman. There’s absolutely no reason he should see the field again. The fan base is tired of waiting for his “breakout” to come. He’s dropped about every opportunity he has received this year including Sunday’s drop that ended up in Bryce Callahan’s hands. I will admit, and the RSR Forum knows this, I was on the Perriman wagon too long, but it’s over. He’s done and is officially a bust.

Maxx Williams is another guy I couldn’t care to see play another snap for the Ravens. He has never lived up to his draft hype, he can’t stay healthy and that all culminated in his fumble yesterday which resulted in him also getting hurt. How fitting. I’d like to put a big X through the 2015 draft class and just forget it ever happened.

In total, the Ravens dropped 5 passes. It’s just unacceptable at this point and Ozzie Newsome has made his bed by ignoring the wide receiver and tight end position for too long and now he will have to lie in it. But hey, we have a lot of defensive line depth!

Offensive Line: D

I do feel for this offensive line unit. At full health, a line of Stanley-Lewis-Jensen-Yanda-Howard has some serious potential. However, injuries to both starting guards and 2 backup guards have just left it a disaster.

Jermaine Eluemunor is just terrible. On two of the sacks in London, he was left just not blocking anyone. That’s a problem. He has looked lost out there. He was drafted to be a project, so I feel for the kid that he was thrown to the wolves, but this is a results league.

Flacco was only sacked three times, but he seemed to have to scramble on just about every dropback. That, combined with his receivers dropping passes, is how you end up with those numbers.

Defense: F

Two lessons learned yesterday:

1) Brandon Williams is very important to this team and it’s obvious why he was paid the big bucks.

2) This defense as a whole is overpaid, over-drafted and overrated.

Defensive Line and Edge Rushers: C-

This defensive line group is very hard to grade. It seemed they were either giving up an 8-10 yard gain or they were dropping the running back for a loss. The Ravens ended up with 14 tackles for a loss (4 of which were sacks so 10 were against the run), yet the defense gave up a franchise record 231 yards on the ground.

Mitch Trubisky only had to throw the ball 17 times in the game. He basically could have stood there and told the Ravens they were running and they still couldn’t have stopped it. Just embarrassing.

The pass rush at least showed some promise including a great game from Matt Judon. Terrell Suggs looked like was 25 years old again. However, as a unit it was embarrassing.

Linebackers: F

While we’re talking busts let’s also mention Kamalei Correa while we’re at it. He had a total of 0 tackles yesterday. For a guy that showed the ability to get to the ball in college you’d think he’d be important in a game where the opposition runs the ball 54 times. However, he’s nowhere to be found, seeing the field for just SIX defensive snaps.

C.J. Mosley is drawing a lot of question marks as to whether he should be paid top ILB money this offseason and he’s not making much of a case for himself. He’s just simply not making the plays you need from a star ILB. That includes the initial missed tackle on Jordan Howard’s 53-yard overtime run that led to the winning score.

Patrick Onwuasor continues to get lost in the mix and his lack of size is hurting him.

Defensive Backs: F

For the amount the Ravens are paying Eric Weddle and Tony Jefferson, you’d hope for a little more production out of the two.

Here are the touchdown catches by the Bears TE duo of Dion Sims and Zach Miller:

jefferson-miller jefferson-toast

What do these images have in common? Jefferson was toasted on both.

As for Weddle, remember that missed tackle by Mosley? Weddle was the second missed tackle leading to that run and eventually the win for the Bears. Not exactly the type of play you want from your “star” defensive players.

The rest of the DB’s weren’t tested very often as the Bears were forced into so few passing situations.

Special Teams: A+

Hard to believe the Ravens scored 24 points and the offense didn’t manage a single touchdown. Teams were the only reason this game wasn’t a complete blowout.

The Ravens had two return scores. Bobby Rainey had a 96-yard touchdown run on a very bizarre play in which the Bears thought he was down by contact, but he got up and ran before making a nifty step back on Benny Cunningham before crossing the goal line.

Campy added a 77-yard punt return for a score.

So, hey, that’s positive?

Coaching: F

Marty Mornhinweg’s just not a good offensive coordinator. He doesn’t have much to work with, but man his play design is terrible and does not fit Joe or the receivers.

Dean Pees should be fired today. He won’t be, but he most certainly should be. The man was given all of the help a defensive coordinator could ask for and he just sends out the same vanilla scheme game after game after game. Pees should have been fired years ago, but he’ll still be here and we’ll all just resent him even more.

John Harbaugh proved he still can’t manage a clock. Between him and Flacco, they consistently burn timeouts that could be used later in the game and it continues to kick the Ravens in the groin.

You can officially put me in the “Fire Harbaugh” crowd.

Broadcasting: F-

Does anyone know what the Ravens did to Ronde Barber? That was one of the most biased broadcasts I’ve ever heard in my life.

Is he still upset the Ravens embarrassed his brother in Super Bowl XXXV?

Game Ball

In a game of extreme disappointment, Matt Judon was a glimmer of hope as he continues to develop.

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