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It’s simple for the Ravens today. Win and in.

Let’s take a look at the stats, quotes, notes, and plenty more to get ready for Ravens-Bengals, c/o Casa Mia’s White Marsh.




LB C.J. Mosley on needing a win in Week 17 to make the playoffs:

“It feels good to be back in that position. After all of the hard losses, the tough wins, it’s crazy how many games you play in a season, and it seems to always come down to the last few weeks of the season. We had our chance last year, and [we were] one play away. Now, it’s all in our hands right now. For the older guys and the vets that have been in the playoffs with the Ravens, we’ve got to make sure we keep the younger guys focused. When you think about it, the guys from last year or two years ago, they haven’t been in a playoff game before. So, it’s been a while. We’ve got to make sure we have everyone focused. You definitely don’t look past the Bengals; you always know that’s a tough game, and we’ve got to make sure we start fast.”

QB Joe Flacco on how it feels now with everything coming down to one game:

“We’ve been in this situation a bunch of times. I keep saying that I think we’re a very excited and very confident football team. We’ll be itching to get back out there on Sunday and to get the game underway. But we’ve got to go about our business the right way, continue to do what we’ve been doing, and I think we’ll be all right. But it’s a tough team we’ve got coming in here next week. We all know that.”

S Eric Weddle on the Ravens’ late-season playoff run:

“I think that we are really coming into our own. We’re playing the style and game that we envisioned at the beginning of the season. Our offensive line has been together for six or seven games in a row, and we got ‘Woody’ [Danny Woodhead] back. Defensively, we have continued to get better. Obviously, Pittsburgh was a tough game for us, but we’ve rebounded in the last couple of weeks. With the game on the line, having to stop [the Colts], it shows a lot of character about what we are as a team and what we are as a defense. We are playing well, winning five out of six. We are a team with momentum, and we have to get one more.”

DT Brandon Williams on the Ravens battling to earn a tough victory last Saturday vs. the Colts:

“It shows heart, it shows soul, it shows how hard we fight. You look left and right and see your brothers, and they’re going to do whatever it takes to win. They are going to fight for you and with you. That’s what the Ravens are all about.”

WR Mike Wallace on what the outsiders say about the Ravens’ receiving group and passing game:

“We don’t listen to the outside noise. When you’re with someone 6-7 months every day, you know what type of person and player they are. It might not go your way every week, but sometimes that’s through some fault of your own. That’s just the way the game goes. We know people are quick to write somebody off, ‘They didn’t do that; they don’t do this.’ People can say whatever they want, but that’s what makes this game great. We take all those comments and use it as fuel and we just keep grinding it. And then you see the outcome.”

GETTING TO KNOW YOU ~ Q&A with Justin Tucker

Do you have New Year’s Eve traditions?

“I always come up with a New Year’s resolution. For 2018, my resolution will probably be taking my shoes off at the garage door and making sure I put my laundry away in a timely manner. My wife will appreciate those.”

What is the most memorable kick of yours?

“In college it would be my senior year on Thanksgiving night, when I hit the game-winner at Texas A&M. As far as in the last six years, I can come up with a good handful, but the 38-yarder with a few minutes left in the Super Bowl to put us ahead by five points changed the dynamic of the game. Making that is one I really feel good about. If it goes the other way, the game is completely different, and we might not all have rings.”

If you were to create a kicker using three traits, how would you build the kicker?

“When you are talking about the clutch factor, you have to include Adam Vinatieri in that conversation. In regards to leg strength or just a guy that sticks out as a pure ball striker, it would be Stephen Gostkowski. A guy who is known for being crazy accurate, you have to talk about Dan Bailey. If you combine those traits with those particular guys, you are looking at a pretty solid NFL kicker.”

How would your son describe your job?

“Well, he is still pretty little, so it would be difficult. It would probably be four words that he knows very, very well: ‘Raven,’ ‘Poe,’ ‘daddy,’ and ‘kick.’”

What was your mindset going into a rookie tryout with the Ravens in 2012?

“As with my entire career, I have always tried to take everything one kick at a time. Whatever opportunities I got to kick a ball in front of someone with some sort of pull, I was going to do everything I could. The thought process to me was, ‘Do everything you can to make that one kick.’ When you get another opportunity, do everything you can to make that one kick.”

What are your favorite traits of John Harbaugh?

“It has to be his enthusiasm and passion for football, and then, his appreciation of the details and the finer points. As a specialist, that is something I can relate to. Having an appreciation for the finer details, the intricacies and nuance that comes with NFL football, that stands out to me.”

How would you describe the Ravens’ locker room?

“We have an excellent balance with a lot of personalities and backgrounds. Guys know how to have a good time, but we also know how to work and buckle down when it is time to be serious. I think we do it in a unique way here, because everyone feels free to let their personality shine all within something that is bigger than themselves.”

HEY, YOU LOOK FAMILIAR! ~ Key Connections

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis served as Baltimore’s defensive coordinator from 1996-2001, helping the Ravens claim Super Bowl XXXV in the 2000 season.

In 1998, Bengals ST coordinator Darrin Simmons was Baltimore’s assistant ST & assistant strength and conditioning coach. … Bengals assistant strength & conditioning coach Jeff Friday was the Ravens’ head strength & conditioning coach from 1999-2007. … Bengals strength and conditioning coach Chip Morton (1999-2001) served as the assistant strength coach for Baltimore. … D-line coach Jacob Burney served as the Ravens’ D-line coach from 1996-98.

Cincinnati CB Tony McRae played in five games for Baltimore earlier this season.

Bengals RB Cedric Peerman (Injured reserve) was Baltimore’s sixth-round pick in 2009.


This is essentially a playoff game for the Ravens, but can we tell the Bengals it’s one for them too? That would help our chances a bit.

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