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What Was I Thinking?

Full disclosure.

I rooted for the Patriots in Super Bowl 52.

My rationale was three-fold:

1. I wanted to watch history being made as Tom Brady would have earned an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl title;

2. I wanted the Patriots to tie the Steelers so that as Ravens fans, we wouldn’t have to hear Steelers fans continually chanting “Six”. They own the most (6) Lombardi Trophies.

3. The behavior of Eagles fans following their victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game was deplorable. I didn’t want them to ever have the satisfaction of a Super Bowl title.

Here I sit, just three days after the big game, and I wonder what I was thinking.

Tom Brady didn’t win No. 6. It’s possible that one day he will but after losing in SB 52, after his heroic performance during which he practically carried his team and nearly willed them to another title, he fell short. And when he did, he failed to cross the field to congratulate game MVP Nick Foles – an all-around good guy and a man with strong religious and family convictions.

How smug!


Meanwhile Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen was dealing with the couple’s crying children (imagine that) who were distraught following their Daddy’s loss. While exiting the stadium, Bundchen ran into several Eagles players and by all accounts that I’ve seen, was gracious in defeat, setting an excellent example for her youngsters, by congratulating the victors.

After the game Foles, head coach Doug Pederson and owner Jeffrey Lurie were nothing but class, acknowledging the team’s unique camaraderie and bond, guided by faith. It seemed almost inhuman to not be happy for them.

And I kind of questioned my rooting interest.

Yet I couldn’t get the thought of Eagles fans parading down Broad Street in Philly with banners that read F*** Millie, the elderly Vikings fan, soon to be 100-years old, who had been celebrated by the good folks of Minnesota. And then after Super Bowl 52, the South Philly debauchery temporarily reaffirmed my rooting interest.

But then Foles & Company gradually began to shift my emotions. The Eagles had overcome a ton of adversity during the 2017 season and persevered. Defensive lineman Chris Long donated his 2017 pay to various charitable causes. There is very little, if anything, to not like about the Philadelphia Eagles.

Suddenly, like a Grinch Who Stole Christmas epiphanic moment, I realized how silly I was to allow a few thousand rogue fans from Philadelphia cloud my judgment about the Patriots, a team that up until Super Bowl 52, I only rooted for when they played the Steelers.

Making matters worse was Brady’s dissing of Foles.

And then along came little Josh McDaniels and his self-centered spurning the Indianapolis Colts less than 24 hours before he was to be officially announced as the team’s new head coach. Three assistants had already been hired by McDaniels – assistants with families who had to make life adjustments in order to move to Indiana. They were left to deal with the collateral damage caused by the selfish, smug whims of a man they and their families trusted.

It was a page right out of his mentor’s book. In 2000 Bill Belichick did an about face with the NY Jets, less than 24 hours after agreeing to become their head coach.

These guys – Brady, McDaniels and Belichick, only care about themselves.

How could I care about them for 3+ hours in order to deny Pennsylvania hooligans of their guilty pleasures?

I was wrong.

Screw the Patriots and all they stand for.

Full disclosure.

Good guys do win.

The Philadelphia Eagles are perfect examples.

Nick Foles, Super Bowl LII (Photo Credit: Shawn Hubbard)

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