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Guest Blog An Ode to Ray Lewis

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The time has come to say well done
Your talent and work ethics have amazed everyone
For 17 years you gave your all
And now my friend it’s time for the Hall.

Never in the history of Baltimore Ravens
has there been player, so loved by fans

Oh, that Squirrel dance said it all.
Go get them Ray, make the opponent fall.
For 17 seasons game days belonged to you
The world stopped for me,to honor you.

You brought me joy, and you made me cry
And I never thought about saying goodbye

Then it came, that dreaded day
When you said it would end and you would be on your way.
I know at that moment, I had nothing to dread
You would bring us a Super Bowl before it would end.

You gathered the team, and showed them the way,
Heck you had a MVP Super Bowl win you know how to play
Although this was Ray’s last ride, we had nothing to fear
We would be Super Bowl Champs for Ray to always cheer.

So, thank you Ray Lewis, the best linebacker ever
My Sundays will not be the same, never.
But I am so, so pleased the NFL will be honoring you
And I know I will never forget you, good ole’ number 52.


Guest Poet: Mary Eichelman

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