Ravens-Rams: What To Watch For… Sorta

Street Talk Ravens-Rams: What To Watch For… Sorta

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We all know the basics of what we’re watching for tonight- the rookie development, Joe Flacco‘s first preseason action since 2016, a look at our new trio of wide receivers, whether or not Kamalei Correa can duplicate his efforts from the HoF Game, etc. 

[For more uh…serious specifics, check out Todd’s 5 Things to Watch For]

Of course we’ll have eyes on those things, but I’m looking deeper than that. I’m looking for the little nuances that will fall upon deaf ears… or I guess blind eyes? Here’s a quick run down by positional group of what I’ll be specifically looking for tonight, and I should hope I’m not alone here.

*Preemptive note that if you take me serious at any capacity, then you’re not paying attention and I reserve the right to absolutely troll the hell out of you in the comments should you choose to take my sarcasm to task. Cheers!*


-I’m looking for Joey Flacco to check down, and check  down plenty. Haters be damned Joe, you do you and bump your odds of starting (outside of Baltimore) in 2019 by jacking that completion percentage up. Underthrown deep balls? Nah. Passes behind your guy in crossing routes? Not so much. Check down to Collins? MONEY.

-I want more Lamar runs, simply because sitting in a pocket that closes faster than Peter Angelos’ wallet is going to get LJ killed. Is that what you want? To see him commit to pocket passing even if it means he’ll be folded up like a lawn chair? HELL NO. Run Lamar, run! Take your pops downfield after a 10-yard scamper for a first down, not in the backfield while the backup offensive line is busy picking their asses trying to figure out assignments.

-Bob gonna Bob. Hang tight to that clipboard gig my dude.

Wide Receivers

-Is Talib gonna rescind his squashed beef with Crabtree and yank that chain? Will Crabs even wear a chain? Or maybe just move the chains instead?

-I’m watching Perriman’s hands tonight. Not to see if he catches anything necessarily, but to check for Stickum. Dude needs a competitive advantage at this juncture, so lather up!

-Remember that note on the backup OL playing dead? I’m watching to see frustrated wideouts throwing their hands up when they’re wide open 20 yards downfield and the QB can’t get the pass off. Show that desire and drive, don’t shrug it off. Get pissed off for excellence!

Tight Ends

Darren Waller… nah just kidding, he’s not playing.

-First action from Mark Andrews! Who I guess is really just a TE by name, and a wideout by skill set. I have high hopes though. Watched a ton of OU ball last year. Don’t disappoint me with a mid-game departure with that ‘soft tissue’ crap!

Offensive Line

-Just don’t do that whole revolving door thing, okay?

-Jacked to watch Zeus Jr go all Hungry Hungry Hippos on the Rams backups (eat ’em up all night!)

Running Backs

-Can Kenneth Dixon stay healthy while standing still on the sideline? Probably not.

-Which young buck running back stands a shot at taking Old Buck’s (Allen) spot on the roster? I think they answer is none, because Dixon is the odd man out before Allen, but hey man – Gus Edwards can creep up on them…

Defensive Line

-I want to see Brandon Williams celebrate on the field, for two reasons: 1) dude has solid dance moves, and 2) celebrating means he got to the QB. A rare feat.

-Will Bronson Kafusi exist? (SPOILER ALERT: no)


-KENNY YOUNG!!! I’ll be repping my Bruins hat with my Ravens gear tonight, and yes, I think he’s your Week 1 starter next to C.J. Mosley. Quote me, fools!

-What group will Kamalei Correa run with, and can he duplicate his HoF Game success? If so, the overreaction bunch from last week will have a little more umph to back up their theory that KC is good (finally).


-Let’s ride that Bennett Jackson hype train and see where it takes us tonight. Love to see him make another clean, open field hit… except maybe not the bogus ‘helmet’ flag this time perhaps?

-Will Maurice Canady get embarrassed again? (probably)

-Will DeShon Elliott have another solid showing? (probably)

Special Teams

-KAARE VEDVIK IS A FUTURE GOAT! I’m not saying I’d rather have Vedvik on this roster at P than 36-year-old Sam Koch who shanks a punt every other game, while saving $2.5M, but I’m not not saying that…

-I guess I’m watching the return game competition? 

The Rest

-Will John Harbaugh be wearing glasses again, or switch back to contacts?

-Will more than 1,000 people show up for a preseason game in Baltimore?

-Will the DJ play Taylor Swift again this year at M&T Bank Stadium?

-More Helmet Personal Foul penalties watch *wide eye emoji x3*


What under-the-radar stuff are you watching for tonight?

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