Ravens Trade for RB Ty Montgomery

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Trade for RB Ty Montgomery

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The Ravens made a trade at the deadline, sending a 2020 7th-round pick to Green Bay for RB Ty Montgomery. RSR Staff react to the news here…

Tony Lombardi

Low-risk trade that costs the Ravens $360,000 of cap space in 2018 and a 7th round pick in 2020. Montgomery has good size and hands and he can return kicks and punts. Plus he’s in a contract year and we’ve seen how guys can amp up their game under pressure. This probably won’t measurably boost the team’s offensive output but clearly it sends a signal to others on the roster.

Big question is, whose spot on the 53 will Montgomery take?

Derek Arnold

Interesting. I’d have much preferred some OL help/depth. To my eye, Alex Collins has been fine this year, once he’s gotten into space; the problem has been actually getting him into space. Montgomery, 25, was originally drafted as a WR, so it’ll be intriguing to see how the Ravens plan to use him. He’s averaged 22.7 yards per kick return in his career (21.0 on 10 returns this year), an area where the Ravens have gotten absolutely nothing in 2018, so he could be worth the move just for that.

As a 2015 draftee (third round), he is an UFA after this season. Still, at the price of just a 7th-rounder, it’s hard to find much fault here. Hopefully he can help out to an appreciable degree for his eight (and, fingers crossed, several more) games as a Raven.

Ryan Jones

Ty Montgomery fills several needs and the Ravens essentially get him for nothing. Montgomery has been under scrutiny in Green Bay the last couple days for supposedly disobeying instructions not to run a kick out of the end zone. It appeared both parties were ready to move on.

The Ravens need an upgrade at returner and also need something to jumpstart the rushing attack. It’s hard to say how much of a difference maker Montgomery can be but considering the Ravens got him for basically nothing it’s worth a shot.

Michael Telford

The Ravens had been poking about in the RB FA class, but nothing seemed appealing. They seemed determined that an upgrade at RB would solve some issues, and made a move just before the trade deadline, trading for… Ty Montgomery? I don’t like the move. He’s not as good of a runner as Alex Collins, but is a better runner than Javorius Allen. He could be potentially better at catching passes as well. I do like the compensation. A 2020 7th rounder is very low risk.

All in all, I think he will add something to this team. I’m just not sure what, yet.

Todd Karpovich

— Low risk, high reward.

— Montgomery was was fourth on the Packers with 105 yards rushing, so he’s not going to dramatically change the direction of the Ravens’ season. But the team needed to add depth at running back.

— Montgomery’s most valuable asset could be his ability to return kickoffs.

— In the end, the Ravens lose a seventh round pick, which is naturally worth the trade.

Brandon Portney

You know what? I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would hate ever hearing that the Ravens traded for Ty Montgomery. A big reason is that they are only giving up a seventh-round pick, and it’s in 2020. For that price it’s very low risk and almost like “why not”?

The Ravens must see something in him that they think adds a nice wrinkle to the offense. My guess is something that involves running routes out of the backfield and catching balls. I know, “we have Buck,” right? Buck can catch passes but he can’t run routes with the refinement that Montgomery, a former WR, can.

All in all, it’s more meh than it is exciting. But I am curious to see how he’s used.

And if it doesn’t work out, oh well. Not a big loss.

Chad Racine

Montgomery will help diversify the running attack. Gus Edwards hasn’t done much so far as a big bruising back so going with a receiving back is probably a smart choice. I hope he is used creatively and not just a checkdown option. A change of scenery was necessary considering the issues he was having in Green Bay. Best-case scenario he becomes what Danny Woodhead was supposed to be last year.

John Darcey

YAWN!!! This almost seems like the Ravens made a trade to just make a trade and let the fan base know they are ‘trying to improve.’

In Montgomery the Ravens get a WR turned RB, who outside of a handful of games in 2016 has done nothing. In fact this year alone he has as many TD as he does fumbles (1) and has posted just two games of 50 or more yards from scrimmage this year compared to Alex Collins who has five such games.

When comparing Montgomery (105 rushing yards / 170 rec yards) to Buck Allen (100 / 188 ) and Alex Collins (358 / 101 ) not really sure how this is much of an upgrade for the Ravens and what exactly Montgomery offers that the two current backs don’t already.

This is not the trade the Ravens needed to make that will help them get over the hump and make the playoffs. Now if they would have traded for a quality edge rusher or interior offensive lineman, then I would be more excited. But this to me smells more like a desperation move to keep face with the fans.

On the positive side, it only cost them a 2020 7th round pick!

Jeff Hill

Montgomery is a converted WR who immediately becomes the best pass catching back on the Ravens, and is a sufficient enough pass blocker to become the full time 3rd down back. If Marty is feeling frisky, they could also utilize him as a slot receiver from time to time, or put him in the backfield as a versatile piece in packages for Lamar Jackson. At the price of a 2020 7th, he is basically free, so there’s no downside here.

Ken McKusick

Montgomery is a back who provides value as a receiver and some as a runner. Despite the WR/RB tag, he’s been a plus pass blocker for each of his NFL seasons, per PFF. He has fumbled four times in 274 NFL touches. He can be a complement to have on the field with Lamar Jackson to provide additional elusiveness.

If you’re looking for a primary bell cow back, Montgomery isn’t it, but he may be an improvement over Buck Allen. In any case, Montgomery is a half-year rental who comes for a 7th-round selection in 2020, which has discounted value now.

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