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The NFL season is almost upon us with the start of training camp across the league. That means it’s also time for us degenerates to come out of hibernation and start gearing up for the new season.

I don’t want to hear about grueling two-a-days. Preparing for NFL betting season, now THIS is hard work (inserts tongue in cheek). So take out that second mortgage or pawn your wife’s wedding ring and let’s get rolling.

NOTE: I’m kidding. Don’t really do any of those things. Be responsible.

We’re going to take a look into the future in this piece and dissect what Bovada has for some of their future lines and season prop bets.

Super Bowl Odds

New England +700

Kansas City  +800

New Orleans +850

Los Angeles Rams +900

Chicago +1200

Cleveland +1200

Indianapolis +1400

Los Angeles Chargers +1600

Philadelphia +1600

Green Bay +1800

Pittsburgh +2000

Dallas +2200

Minnesota +2500

San Francisco +3000

Seattle +3000

Atlanta +3300

Baltimore +3300

Houston +3300

Jacksonville +3300

Carolina +4500

Denver +6000

Oakland +6000

Tennessee +7000

Detroit +8000

New York Giants +8000

New York Jets +8000

Tampa Bay +8000

Arizona +10000

Buffalo +10000

Washington +10000

Cincinnati +12500

Miami +15000

As a Ravens fan, my first thought in looking at this is that they are way too low. I can’t understand them being below teams like San Francisco. The same can be said for Houston and Jacksonville, who I think are too low on this list, but hey, Vegas knows more than we do in most cases.

I can’t argue with the top of the chart much. I don’t think New England has enough to win the Super Bowl again this year, but they’ve really done nothing to this point to knock them out of that spot. My two value plays here are the teams that I think will ultimately come out of the AFC and NFC to meet in the Super Bowl this year: Chicago at +1200, and my pick to win it all, the Los Angeles Chargers at +1600. They may have the most complete roster in the NFL and should have a real shot.

My Pick: Los Angeles Chargers +1600 

AFC East

New England -500

New York Jets +600

Buffalo +950

Miami +2500

This one is self-explanatory. While I think the Jets and Bills are going to be improved this season, this division is the Patriots’ to lose unfortunately.

My Pick: New England -500

AFC North

Cleveland +120

Pittsburgh +195

Baltimore +295

Cincinnati +1500

Maybe I’m being a homer, but I feel like the Ravens are being undervalued. The losses on the defensive side of the ball are being over-hyped and if they can find a way to get to the quarterback, this defense will be a force. Obviously though, it will come down to Lamar Jackson and whether or not he can find some stickum.

Ultimately, Cleveland is my pick here. I think the combination of their roster on paper and a city starving for a winner will drive them over the top this season.

My Pick: Cleveland +120

AFC South

Indianapolis -105

Houston +275

Jacksonville +400

Tennessee +650

These numbers seem pretty spot on to me. The AFC South and North could potentially be the most up-for-grabs divisions in the NFL this year. You can make a legitimate argument for every team (maybe excluding Cincinnati in the North) to win either division. In the South, I see Jacksonville turning it around a bit, but I’m not sure any of these teams pack the fire power of the Colts. They also happened to take Parris Campbell in this year’s draft, who I think will end up being a steal in the second round.

My Pick: Indianapolis -105

AFC West

Kansas City -150

Los Angeles Chargers +190

Oakland +1100

Denver +1200

You can tell how much better Vegas thinks the Chiefs and Chargers are compared to the rest of the division based on these numbers. I don’t think Oaklavegas or Denver will be all that bad, but Kansas City and Los Angeles are two of the top, probably five teams in the league. If I like them for my Super Bowl pick, I have to also take the Chargers here.

My Pick: Los Angeles Chargers +190

NFC East

Philadelphia  -105

Dallas +140

Washington +900

New York Giants +1200

This is another top-heavy division like the AFC West. Philly and Dallas will battle it out for supremacy but if Carson Wentz can stay healthy, they should edge the Cowboys out in the end.

My Pick: Philadelphia -105

NFC North

Chicago +160

Green Bay +190

Minnesota +240

Detroit +1000

I’m not as high on Green Bay as it seems Vegas is this season. I think Chicago is the cream of the crop in the NFC North and the NFC as a whole this season.

My Pick: Chicago +160

NFC South

New Orleans -180

Atlanta +350

Carolina +500

Tampa Bay +1200

Atlanta was hit hard in 2018 by the injury bug and I see a big bounce-back year for them. I have the Falcons upsetting the Saints and winning the NFC South.

My Pick: Atlanta +350

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams -180

Seattle +275

San Francisco +525

Arizona +2500

I like the favorites in the NFC West. Nothing that the Rams have done this offseason would make me believe they wouldn’t repeat here. The rest of the division also hasn’t improved enough to be able to be a real threat.

My Pick: Los Angeles Rams -180

First Head Coach to Leave His Post

Jay Gruden +300

Pat Shurmur +700

Matt Patricia  +1000

Bill O’Brien +1200

Dan Quinn +1200

Adam Gase +2000

Mike Tomlin +2000

Kyle Shanahan +3500

John Harbaugh +5000

Bill Belichick  +15000

As much as I want to pick Jay Gruden here, I think the pick of Dwayne Haskins buys him at least another year. My pick is going to be Shurmur. Another terrible season coupled with what seems to be unrest in the locker room will spell the end for him in New York. If Eli Manning struggles and then Daniel Jones isn’t the savior they were looking for, that fan base and the New York media will crucify him.

My Pick: Pat Shurmur +700

Most Regular Season Touchdown Passes

Patrick Mahomes  +400

Andrew Luck  +500

Matt Ryan  +700

Aaron Rodgers +900

Baker Mayfield +1400

Drew Brees +2000

Tom Brady  +2000

Jared Goff  +3500

Derek Carr +6500

Andy Dalton +10000

First thing’s first. Granted, I didn’t list every quarterback here that Bovada had a line out for, but Lamar Jackson didn’t even make their list (neither did Joe Flacco)! Not that I think he has any chance of winning this, but I would have expected him to be there. I believe Mahomes will take a small step back this season and Andrew Luck will have a career year with some weapons around him which will propel him to the league lead here.

My Pick: Andrew Luck +500

Most Regular Season Receiving Touchdowns

Davante Adams  +1100

DeAndre Hopkins +1200

Travis Kelce +1200

JuJu Smith-Schuster +1500

Odell Beckham Jr. +1600

Julio Jones  +1600

Antonio Brown +1600

Michael Thomas +1600

Marquise Brown +10000

Receiving touchdowns and rushing touchdowns are probably the two categories where you would need the most luck. I wouldn’t be surprised with any of these guys winning this category.

I’m going to go with Julio Jones to go along with my picking the Falcons to win the NFC South. They’ll need a big year from him and Matt Ryan if they stand a chance to de-throne the Saints.

My Pick: Julio Jones +1600

Most Regular Season Rushing Touchdowns

Ezekiel Elliott +800

Saquon Barkley  +800

Todd Gurley +1200

Nick Chubb +1400

Alvin Kamara +1400

James Connor +1800

Le’Veon Bell +2000

Christian McCaffrey +2000

Mark Ingram +5000

Lamar Jackson +6500

So Lamar Jackson wasn’t on the passing list, but he gets a shout out on the rushing touchdown list. I’ll pause for the Lamar Jackson haters to speak…

Rushing touchdowns is a tough one to bet because there are so many other factors in play. If I had to bet, I would be taking Kamara here. He was having an unbelievable season before Ingram came back last season and subsequently ruined my fantasy team. This year, as the work horse, he should be able to sustain that level throughout the season.

My Pick: Alvin Kamara +1400


Patrick Mahomes +550

Andrew Luck +600

Aaron Rodgers +1000

Baker Mayfield +1100

Carson Wentz +1200

Drew Brees +1200

Tom Brady +1600

Philip Rivers +2000

Russell Wilson +2500

Aaron Donald +4500

Ezekiel Elliott +5000

Lamar Jackson +5000

Le’Veon Bell +5000

Last but not least, who will take home the MVP trophy this season? On the bright side, Vegas has Lamar Jackson on the same level as Ezekiel Elliott and Le’Veon Bell for what that’s worth…

To me, this will be a two-man race between Luck and Mayfield. I’m fairly confident that Luck will have a career year, but if Mayfield can lead the Browns to the playoffs and perform well, I think we can wrap up the trophy and ship it off to Cleveland. Since I’m leaning toward them playing in January because of what I saw out of Baker last season, I’m picking Mayfield here for MVP.

My Pick: Baker Mayfield +1100

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