Ravens Get Stomped, 40-25

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Get Stomped, 40-25

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The Ravens lost to the Cleveland Browns, 40-25 in Week 4. RSR staff react to the loss here.

Todd Karpovich

— The Ravens secondary was exposed for the third consecutive week. This is a huge problem that might not be correctable with the current personnel. The issues with tackling were especially troublesome because that comes down to effort. 

— Lamar Jackson had no time to make his reads and his streak of not throwing an interception ended at 248 attempts. He was out-classed by Baker Mayfield.  

— While the loss stings, the Ravens still can help themselves with victories over the Steelers and Bengals over the last weeks.

— It is going to be tough to bounce back from such a humiliating effort at home. 

Chad Racine

The Ravens just got waxed on their home turf. There are many glaring problems with the team right now that need to be addressed immediately. The Ravens were never in this game. This does not look like a team that will win the division right now. This loss better light a fire.

John Langley

The Ravens offense was not good, but this defense gave them absolutely no chance to win this ball game. This defense has been about as soft as charmin the last 3 weeks. Poor tackling, bad communication, blown coverages, you name it, this defense was abysmal. 

There’s not much left to say at this point. If they play like this the next two weeks, this team is in trouble. 

Derek Arnold

Heaven forbid the Ravens make things easy on themselves. Given the chance to open up a 2.5-game lead in the division, they instead come out and lay a total egg, handing control of the AFC North to the Cleveland Browns.

Lamar Jackson had another bad day, yes, but we have to turn our eye to this sham of a defense. Giving up over 500 yards yet AGAIN? Giving up 40 to the Browns at HOME?

Just flat out embarrassing.

Freddie Kitchens ran circles around Don Martindale. The offense pulled to within a touchdown in the fourth quarter, and the defense gave up an 88-yard TD run. This was on the heels of giving up consecutive 75+-yard TD drives (one on three plays, one on eight).

Once again, you can go back and look at individual plays and decide who deserves blame, but the overarching theme is that this defense is just flat out awful. Who knows if they can get it together? Next week presents another opportunity to get right, but who can be confident after their third straight pantsing?

Nick Capecci

This is who the Ravens will be this year to a fault.

They can’t play from behind because they have a flawed defense, and their offense is still trying to evolve week to week.

I think I am going to try to relentlessly force Baltimore to cut Tony Jefferson and Patrick Onwuasor because they have been terrible the first quarter of the year.

Adam Bonaccorsi

The veteran safeties look terrible, the corner play outside of Marlon Humphrey is atrocious, the pass rush is non-existent, and the defensive line without Brandon Williams was basically a sieve. Offensively, the line cannot consistently hold up, and the miscues (drops, Chris Moore on the sideline, turnovers) were all daggers. The Ravens right now need help at Safety, Corner, EDGE, and Wide Receiver if they want to even be competitive, let alone fight for the division… 

Still think Jalen Ramsey is worth selling the future to fix everything?

John Darcey

That was one ugly game. Not sure what happened to that ‘revolutionary offense’ but it didn’t show up today. We all talked all summer about how great the secondary was and the past three weeks, it has been the Achilles heel of the team. While the season started out all rainbows and unicorns it has quickly turned. Losing like that is one thing, but losing like that at home to a 1-2 team is something totally different. 

One side note, yes Harbs went for a 2-point conversion today and was successful, and I personally feel that was a message to the fans. As in, he will do what he wants to and noone is smarter then him. A typical Harbaugh trait. Ok rant over. On to a big game in Pittsburgh next week.

Carey Stevenson

Communication issues on defense, poor tackling, shoddy edge setting, rhythmless offense. It isn’t too often the Ravens get out muscled but here we are. 

It’s obviously discouraging. The Ravens had a chance to take a decisive early lead in the division but we all should be careful to jump to any rash conclusions. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

Aidan Griesser

— With the team overall, I’m not yet in panic mode. With the defense, however, I am. Most notably, it’s the run defense. For me, the last two games were pathetic in that regard, and it has cost us. They need to get it shored up right now.

— The offense doesn’t look great anymore, and maybe we were due for a reality check there. Lamar missed some throws today, a wide open Chris Moore being the most glaring to me. At the same time, I still believe the offense is surely good enough to win. Jackson was always going to have some growing pains.

— The loss of C.J. Mosley is starting to loom a lot larger. ILB will be a spot we have to fix this off-season. It’s pressing at this point.

— Again, the loss doesn’t have to be a back breaker. Ice up and reel off two W’s against Pittsburgh and Cincy.

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