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For those criticizing the Ravens for parting ways with Earl Thomas due to a fight with a teammate, wake up! You aren’t paying attention. Do you really think the club, one that has worked diligently to get their cap situation in great shape for the future, would take on the dead money associated with Thomas’ release over a sideline squabble?

It cuts far deeper than that.

Thomas was aloof; openly criticized teammates; he freelanced at the expense of the defense’s continuity; he showed up late for meetings or not at all; and he shared confidential practice video on social media to somehow absolve himself from wrongdoing.

Earl only cares about Earl.

Last season after the Ravens lost to the Titans in the Divisional Round, a game in which lines.com listed Lamar Jackson & Co. as prohibitive favorites. The locker room was devastated. Everyone thought that the Ravens would host the AFC Championship one week later. Funeral viewings have more energy than that locker room did that night. But according to sources, Earl was gloating about the sack he got in the game. Let that sink in…

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Then of course there was the altercation with his estranged wife at gunpoint. Just imagine what marital extracurriculars it might take to drive a spouse to the brink of such desperation. And now we’re hearing that Earl was late for a recent meeting because he had to “get his car washed”.

A car wash in urban vernacular means something a bit different. 

The team supports the players “Council” which consists of team leaders who represent the best interests of the team from a player-perspective. When the Council reaches the conclusion that a future Hall of Fame player has to go, you know it’s pretty bad. Steve Bisciotti, Eric DeCosta and John Harbaugh had no choice but to send Thomas packing.

Sucker punching Chuck Clark made it easy. Sucker punching Chuck Clark was the nail in the coffin. The Ravens have a solid case for conduct detrimental to the team. The prosecution rests.

I hope the car wash was worth it Earl.

Soon you might be working at one…

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