Ravens Lose in OT, 30-24

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Lose in OT, 30-24

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The Ravens lost to the Titans 30-24, in Week 11. RSR staff react to the loss here…

Derek Arnold

A complete team loss. Up 14-10 at halftime, and 21-10 early in the third, and the offense scores just three points the rest of the way, and those were at the very end to force OT. That terrible Lamar Jackson interception jump ball attempt to Devin Duvernay (a rookie who has never pulled down a jump ball, on 1st-and-10, seriously?) really started the ball rolling the wrong way, then the defense was completely embarrassed throughout the rest of the game, into overtime. The A.J. Brown TD to give them the lead, and the Derrick Henry TD to win it, were inexcusable, and included about 15 broken tackles between them. They wanted it; we didn’t.

Injuries, schminjuries. You had this one won, then completely shat the bed, on both sides of the ball. Zero excuses. Just pathetic.

J.K. Dobbins is the real deal. Dez Bryant looks ready to contribute. But Greg Roman has shown zero ability to be creative or adjust in light of the injuries along the OL and to Nick Boyle, and that is glaring. Look at the roll-outs and chips leading to wide-open players in the flat that the Titans displayed. Where is that on our end? Where are the passes to running backs, ever? Why is Mark Ingram getting any playing time, when he clearly can’t run behind this particular OL? Why is Justice Hill – a special teams beast, btw – seeing the field on offense?

On defense…bad all around, but glaringly: Eric DeCosta has a LOT of money in cornerbacks, who got abused with the game on the line. Looking at you, Peters & Humphrey.

Can’t wait for Thursday, when an already ruined holiday will include a game in Pittsburgh.

Chad Racine

The Ravens seem to be a team falling apart. I’m  not even sure they will make the playoffs at this point. They did a decent job at stopping the run early but eventually Henry took over. 

The offense and defense couldn’t play a full 60 minutes of consistent football. There were some bright spots but not enough. 

Aidan Griesser

Another extremely disappointing loss for a Ravens team that seems to have more holes than strong spots. Baltimore should have won this game, yet play-calling, tackling, and sheer execution let them down.

Now, the pressure is really on next Thursday in Pittsburgh.


More knee-jerk reactions as they roll in…

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