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What Makes the Super Bowl LV Props Betting Special?

Do you want to unleash that sports betting prowess you’ve kept for a long time? If so, get ready as the Super Bowl LV finals are bound to make a babble this February 7, 2020, at Raymond James Stadium. This weekend, the Divisional Rounds are kicking-off to identify the groups inching in the quarterfinals, semis, and the final stage.


As a few more games are happening in the NFL, this is the best time to loosen up your betting skills to win big prizes. Do know that the NFL is one of the most prominent sporting events that carry explosive betting categories, helping you bring home the win of the night?

One of the most unique Super Bowl betting games you can gamble on is the prop bets. It is where you can make a crazy bet with FanDuel by giving the right predictions to the propositions laid out by the bookie. It deviates from giving you a headache due to analyzing odds and lines because you only have to give out the right guess. So, what makes Super Bowl prop bets special? Here are the reasons why.

Prop Bets Are Entertaining

Sports betting is gambling in nature, and you get drained, especially when you face huge tournaments. For someone who’d like to earn profits, betting on longshots is the best option. However, this will let you analyze lines and odds that are too confusing, and payouts are lesser.

But, if you would like to gain the most value out of your betting investment while being entertained, prop bets are perfect picks. With this, you are not tied up to identifying the only team who can win the championship title. You have the chance to observe what’s happening inside the field, starting with a coin toss until the Gatorade shower.

It Offers Impressive Value

If you are one of the punters who are fond of accuracy, Money Line and Points Spread are for you to gamble. However, prop bets offer great value. You are not obliged to gamble big amounts because dimes are accepted. Apart from that, these categories offer a wide range of propositions that help you find the best situations to predict.

While some bookies are inclining to the typical Super Bowl bets, top bookies offer prop bets with huge prizes at stake. Besides that, some of them are making additional promotions and rewards that can help you earn more. So, when you opt to wager in Super Bowl prop betting, you are getting the best value of what you laid out.

Boundless Options

You can make many proposition bets in the Super Bowl, and these are categorized into seven groups. The Game Props are the most popular ones that let you bet on what team can score the first touchdown and which player can do it. Also, it lets you predict which team will score more in the first half, a player that will have the first penalty, etc.

Other props you can bet on are a toss coin, Gatorade shower, or even exotic props. Apart from that, betting on the player who will get the MVP Award is another most played Super Bowl prop betting game. It is why there is a great value in this betting game because of the boundless choices you can make.

It Simplifies The Betting Game

The Super Bowl championship game is an intense match where two competing teams fight to earn the Lombardi. However, there can only be a single winner at the end of the match. Imagine the pressure and challenge you face while picking the best team to win the betting game? It makes it harder for you to get the best selections.

When it comes to prop bets, you’ll get less pressure because you can only predict the right outcome. There’s no need to analyze the best team equation if there are any, unlike in Point Spread betting. Some props are answerable by a yes or no, so prop bets are undeniably easy.

Getting Away Of Being Biased

The sportsbook does its best to form odds that can entice the punters. It leads to the confusion of bettors and lets them pick the losing side. It happens all the time since bookies want to earn too. Do know that sports betting is not a rivalry between one punter from the other, but it’s from one gambler against the sportsbook.

When you choose to gamble in prop bets, you are avoiding the bookies’ biases. You don’t have to deal with lines. Prop bets need you to provide realistic predictions based on your gut feeling.


Super Bowl prop bets are an excellent alternative way to earn easy money. Instead of going through the loops of understanding the lines in other categories, prediction in prop bets matters the most. Hence, in the upcoming Super Bowl LV, unleash your guessing skills and dominate the prop betting games.

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