NFL DRAFT: Day 1 Screw Ups!

Lombardi's Way NFL DRAFT: Day 1 Screw Ups!

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Why is everyone lauding the Cowboys just because they made a sensible pick in the form of Notre Dame’s Zack Martin?

Manziel made no sense for the Cowboys although it could be argued that they should have given some love to a sieve of a defense that gives it away more than Kim Kardashian on the rebound.

The Browns are getting a lot of love for their draft day prowess. But why?

They certainly started well when head coach Mike Pettine helped to fleece his former employer, trading the draft’s fourth overall pick to the Buffalo Bills, moving down five spots and picking up the Bills’ No. 1 and No 4 picks in 2015.

But what they did afterwards, not so much…

The Browns then moved from 9 to 8 and sacrificed an unnecessary fifth round pick (arguably 4th round quality in this draft) to reach for CB Justin Gilbert.

Then later in round 1, exhibiting impatience again, the Browns moved up from 26 to 22 and give up a third round pick in the process to take Johnny Manziel who would probably have been there for them at No. 26 anyway.

Gilbert is a cover corner with limited tackling skills that could be exposed in the AFC North and Manziel’s swagger might create problems off the field and his size and his own lack of patience in the pocket have many questioning his durability as a pro.



The Bills are loaded at the skill positions and then gave up a ransom to move up 5 spots to get Sammy Watkins. Watkins has a ton of potential and should be an outstanding pro but the Bills burned a 2 and a 3 in the 2013 NFL Draft for pass catchers, they have the pricey Stevie Johnson and they signed free agent WR Mike Williams this offseason.

The Dolphins showed the world why you don’t reach for need when they selected Ja’Wuan James with the 19th overall pick. The Volunteer offensive tackle was projected as a mid-late Round 2 selection and behind a handful of other OT’s still on the board for Miami’s taking.

And then perhaps the biggest WTF moment of the night was delivered by Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles when they chose defensive end Marcus Smith from Louisville. Scout Inc. graded Smith as an early Day 3 selection. No that’s not a typo.

Which of these was the biggest screw up on Day 1 of the 2014 NFL Draft?



While toggling between the NFL Network and ESPN presentations of the 2014 NFL Draft, the announcement of the picks almost seemed awkward. As we watched the analysts assess the players remaining on the board, debating team needs and predicting picks, those of us following on Twitter already knew the picks. It was akin to watching a recorded game already knowing the final score.

The picks all too often seemed anti-climatic on television.

This isn’t going to change for the networks. It will only get worse. The producers will need to come up with a way to engage Twitterverse and then provide content that Twitter can’t compete with. Maybe the focus shouldn’t be on who the pick is but more importantly provide more video and better analysis than one can get in 140 characters.

Anxiously awaiting rounds 2 and 3…

Which network's coverage of the NFL Draft do you prefer?

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