Guide to Host a Super Football Party

Street Talk Guide to Host a Super Football Party

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The Ultimate Man’s Guide to Hosting the Best Super Football Watch Party

Football is one of the most widely watched sports in North America. Droves of fans come together to watch the big game together every weekend, getting in on the excitement with as much enthusiasm as the players themselves. Thus, a Super Football Watch Party is one of the best ways to really get in on the action with your closest friends and fellow fans! How will you plan the big day? Below, we have a look at some of the key elements involved in making your Super Football party a great one for you and your closest friends.

  1. Keep Your Family Occupied…so You Can Enjoy the Game.

Perhaps your wife isn’t a huge fan of football. Maybe your kids are too young to fully understand the game to thoroughly enjoy it. If you want to be sure that you’ll enjoy the game, as well as the friends you’re hosting over the weekend, without any distraction or to the dismay of some rather unenthusiastic family members, be sure to have a second screen on hand for them. Make sure to have a laptop handy too, so that fun games such as those found on bingo sites like, are available to those who need an alternative to the game. That way, both parties will be happy and definitely not fighting over the remote!

  1. Prep Your Drinks!

Try to incorporate fun drinks into the mix that you know your buds will enjoy. You can offer them local beer or set out a bar with all options to meet the preferences of all. Whatever the case, make sure you’ve got everyone covered.

  1. FOOD is everything.

Food will make or break your party. And, let’s face it, you and your friends love a good meal during a heart-pounding game, so why would you not make this the focus of your weekend watching as well? Keep the food selection themed so that your dishes and snacks cater to both team’s fans. If Philly’s playing, you might want to cook up some cheesesteak subs, or prepare a pot of chili if Texas is in the lineup. Be creative, this will really sell the night!

  1. It’s the Little Things

Your group of buds will probably be unfazed by decor but keep in mind that the small accessories and accents add to the fun. Use cups with team logos on them, put up posters and have jerseys ready to amp-up the atmosphere and get the group riled up for the big kick-off!

  1. Keep the Goodies Coming.

Aside from the variety of food and drinks you’re offering, you might also want to be sure there’s enough to go around…the whole night. Hunger strikes when adrenaline’s pumping so you’re sure to have some hungry guys to host throughout the game.

  1. Last, but Not Least…

Make sure to have some sweet stuff on hand for celebrations! A football themed cake might do the trick. And, don’t forget that extra case of beer to close out the night.

Make your next Football Watch Party one that your friends will never forget. With some easy organization, you can quickly get the party started from the comfort of your home. Get the party started!


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