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Joe Flacco or Matt Moore?

Earlier this week on The Ringer NFL Show, Michael Lombardi emphatically stated, “Until [the Ravens] come and have an intervention and admit Joe Flacco stinks, you can forget about Baltimore.”

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Yesterday, ESPN served up more biting criticism of Flacco.

“[Joe] Flacco has now replaced Jay Cutler as the most overpaid non-entity in pro sports.” ~ Michael Wilbon, ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption

Listen below as Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser debate which starting quarterback tonight is the better one, when the Ravens host the Dolphins at M&T Bank Stadium.

WARNING: The sound clip at the link below may not be suitable for unabashed supporters of Joe Flacco.

[Fast forward to the 17:32 mark of the podcast at this link.]


Which quarterback would you rather have on [Thurday] night?

Matt Moore or Joe Flacco?

Tony Kornheiser: It’s hard to believe that the answer isn’t Joe Flacco, but the answer isn’t Joe Flacco. It’s been years since he won the Super Bowl. It’s been years since people said, “Oh is he an elite quarterback?”

Let me tell you how elite he is right now. He’s not elite. He has 5 touchdowns and 8 picks and that stinks! His rating is 31st. The only guy he is above among starters is DeShone Kizer whose whereabouts after midnight are unknown at certain points. I’m going to say the answer is Matt Moore.

Michael Wilbon: And here’s the thing Tony. Flacco has now replaced Jay Cutler as the most overpaid non-entity in pro sports. Not just in the NFL. In all of sports! He’s replaced Jay Cutler. Tony, he’s been bad for two years. They gave him all this money and you and I sat there and went, “Wow, is Flacco that good?”

And then for most of one season he looked really good but not now. Now he looks terrible. And the answer is the guy who has replaced Jay Cutler.

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