Down Goes Dixon…Yet Again

The Chicken Box Down Goes Dixon…Yet Again

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Not really, but, judging by the absolutely thrashing that they gave Buffalo on Sunday, and the reaction from a large part of the fanbase, you’d think that that was the case. It was Week 1, guys – let’s calm it down a bit. It was a phenomenal start to the season, but the Ravens have a lot to prove before they can be considered a Super Bowl contender.

But, I digress. We’re onto Cincinnati, as the saying goes, and with a new NFL week, comes a new Chicken Box from yours truly. So, without further ado…

Trainers look at Kenneth Dixon as he lays on his back.

Kenneth Dixon..

This will be the last time that I write about the talented but oft-injured running back. Kenneth Dixon is on IR once again, this time with an ankle injury, and the Ravens have called up UDFA De’Lance Turner from the practice squad to replace him.

I’m going to use this time to address how I feel about him, as well as one thing that I’ve seen (directed towards me) since I last wrote about him…two days ago.

Many have the impression that I am discounting KD’s talent. I am not. I happen to think that he is very talented, and has untapped potential. However. That potential means the same amount as the Bengals scored in Week 1 of 2017, if he can’t realize it. And he can’t, because he can’t get off of the trainer’s table long enough to prove it.

I’m tired of this team giving injury-prone players chance after chance, especially when it hurts the team as a whole (callback to Breshad ‘Ghost’ Perriman). If the Ravens had parted ways with Dixon before the season started, Turner could’ve gotten more game experience, in semi-meaningful snaps on Sunday.

I can only hope that while Kenneth Dixon rides the IR bus, Turner shows the front office that he’s worth keeping on the active roster, and Dixon is gone after the season reaches a close.

(For those that don’t know, a team doesn’t have to give players the ‘designated to return’ label anymore, so Dixon could come back.)

A host on Good Morning Football talks.

Good Morning Football needs to shut up.. Now.

The Baltimore Ravens are typically the underdog. The dark horse. The underappreciated, underestimated threat. This isn’t a bad thing – that’s how they like it, per 9,326 quotes and reports from players and coaches over the years. The national media doesn’t hype them until it’s too late. Even their own analysts and beat reporters have a tendency to downplay them (looking at you, Mike Preston).

On the rare occasions that the Ravens are hyped up, or spoken of as the ‘team to beat,’ they have a tendency to fall, hard. After 2014, when they blew two 14-point leads to the Patriots in the postseason, immediately, they were Super Bowl favorites. Then the injuries began. In 2017, when they were considered a ‘playoff lock’ late in the year, 4th and 12 happened. There are multiple instances where this has occurred. And every time, the Ravens fail to live up to it.

So imagine my dismay, when I’ve woken up over the past week or so, to the staff of Good Morning Football not only saying that the Ravens are the team to beat, and will own the division in 2018, but also to the newest power rankings, almost across the board, having the Ravens take a huge jump, in many cases into the Top 10.

I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit, and you all need to stop.

Let the Ravens do what they do in relative obscurity. That’s what they do best.

Alex Collins carries the ball past Bengals defenders.

Interesting Ravens vs Bengals Facts:

Tonight’s divisional tilt game comes with a lot of backstory. The Bengals played spoiler to the Ravens’ playoff hopes in 2017, beating Baltimore 31-27 on a heartbreaking 4th and 12 play. So, I want to go over a few key stats and facts.

— The Ravens are 13-15 the week after a blowout (winning by 17+ points) in the John Harbaugh era, and 5-7 in such games since Super Bowl XLVII. Can’t get cocky after dominating what is probably the worst team in the NFL.

— Although A.J. Green has been the defining factor in more than a few games against the Ravens, he has in fact posted his 6th worst catch percentage in his games against them. (Credit to @AdamBMore for that stat.) He does not, by any means, OWN them.

— Out of all the quarterbacks that the Ravens have faced, Andy Dalton has been picked off by them the most.

— The all-time series between the two teams is tied at 22-22, and the Ravens have never trailed the series under Harbaugh.

— Harbaugh’s Ravens are 7-2 on TNF, with a five game winning streak.

This is not to say that the Ravens are assured a victory in tonight’s matchup. It’s simply meant to inform, and hopefully Ravens fans that are nervous, take heart.

Kamar Aiken hauls in a pass against the Eagles.

Kamar Aiken > Breshad Perriman?

Before I say anything about this subject, I would like to point out that the Eagles are becoming the Ravens, Jr.

Timmy Jernigan. Mike Wallace. Haloti Ngata (how this dude is still in the league is beyond me). And now, Kamar Aiken.

Back to the point. Kamar Aiken got a job before Breshad Perriman (that’s “Ghost” to you and I) did. For everybody that has defended the hapless pass-catcher (I use that term very loosely), and hoped that he would ‘ball out’ with a new team, that should tell you everything that you need to know.

Also… nope, that’s it. That’s all I have on the subject.

Hell, even Bryant got a job before Ghost.

Not that Bryant. Martavis. Not Dez.

Thursday Thought Pocket

Another Chicken Box, another Thought Pocket. Most of this article has been written with you, the football fan, in mind. This section is for not only you as a football fan, but also as a human. Each week, I’ll be listing a collection of thoughts designed to give you a glimpse into my brain. And so, here.. we.. go.

Aaron Rodgers isn’t human. He’s gotta be more cyborg than man at this point, with the injuries, but beyond that, what he did this week is incredible. QB1 in the NFL. Don’t @ me with your Tom Crybrady bullshit.

— Le’Veon Bell is going to be traded soon. Bet me.

— Birds can fly, but flies can’t bird.

— The fact that people.. parents.. need to be reminded that their kids are in the backseat absolutely astonishes me. Mine won’t shut up long enough for me to forget them.

— Nike seems to be doing well, so good job on that hot take, America.

— Hoodie season is almost upon us, and I couldn’t be more (BMore?) grateful.

— Stop using your debit card to purchase a Polar Pop. There’s spare change in your car. I guarantee it.

Well, that’s it for me, kids. If you’re not watching tonight’s game, then you’re wrong, and you should feel bad.

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