What Will Happen in Round 1?

Ravens Draft Central What Will Happen in Round 1?

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It’ll be the strangest NFL draft ever, as teams make their picks from their home offices, players hear the news at home, and draft parties consist of well…people at home. Nonetheless, we’ll all be excited to see which players get picked where…what will happen?

Tony Lombardi

I have no idea what Eric DeCosta is going to do tonight other than one thing – improve the Ravens by either adding a player or draft capital. The safe picks are Cesar Ruiz or linebackers Murray/Queen if any and all are still available at No. 28. All fill a need and if EDC turns in a card for any of the three, I think it will be Ruiz. Offensive linemen can be lifers – they can stay with a team for a full career. Middle linebackers, on the other hand, can get too expensive for players who seldom touch the football or the quarterback (see C.J. Mosley).

But I have a feeling that EDC will be bold, not safe, and he’ll venture outside the box and that will include a trade back scenario that adds to their draft capital. So, my bold prediction is that there is no pick for the Ravens tonight.

In non-Ravens draft news, look for Tua Tagovailoa to tumble – dramatically, in the style of Aaron Rodgers. Miami gets him, but not with pick No. 5 or 18, but instead with pick No. 26. Meanwhile the Patriots take a flyer on QB Jordan Love from Utah State who goes off the board BEFORE Tua.

Todd Karpovich

I don’t think the draft will officially start until the Lions are on the clock with the third overall selection. Joe Burrow goes No. 1 to the Bengals and the Redskins would have to be overwhelmed with a trade not to take Chase Young. 

But you never know. 

There’s a reason those teams are picking No. 1 and No. 2.

As far as the Ravens go, I don’t DeCosta moving up to grab Patrick Queen or Kenneth Murray. In addition, I think there’s a good chance one of those players slides to No. 28. Another situation to closely monitor is Michigan center Cesar Ruiz, who could be a target for the Ravens if he happens to fall to them. 

If those three players are off the board, DeCosta will likely trade back, pick up an extra pick and still be able take Wisconsin’s Zack Baun. 

But these things rarely play out as you would expect. So, buckle up and let’s have some rare fun with pro sports. 

Matt Wise


– Tua Tagovailoa falls out of the Top 10.

– Justin Jefferson is one of the first three WRs selected.

– More trades are made in the 2020 draft than any draft in NFL history.


Early runs on OT, QB and WR push top-tier defensive players down the board. The Ravens stay put at 28 & select the best defensive player available.

Dev Panchwagh

General predictions:

The WR hype is real. We’ll see at least six WRs selected in Round 1 tonight. 

Ravens prediction:

Ultimately, I think the club will stay put at pick 28. They will land an OT who they can slide inside to G and presents upside for the future; OR they will land the top defensive player on the board at LB/Edge/DL. 

Aidan Griesser

– Both ILBs Kenneth Murray and Patrick Queen will be available a pick 28.

– Justin Herbert falls into the teens.

– The Ravens trade back and land Queen, leaving fans incredibly happy going into Day 2.

Chad Racine

This is possibly the most anticipated draft ever with no other sports going on at the moment. The talk is centered mostly around the big three receivers, quarterbacks and if Tua will fall…..he won’t.

I have the Ravens pick narrowed down to about seven players…really that’s as close as I can get. It sounds cliché and the typical answer that it depends on how the board falls. I believe when they are on the clock I could guess which two or three players it could be at that point but it really depends on who will be there. My final prediction is going to be the Ravens trade out of the first round into the early 2nd and land Auburn’s defensive lineman/edge rusher Marlon Davidson. Davidson played in the low 300’s but said recently he was down to 293 and dropping weight to play on the edge full time. I believe that’s where he will find his home with the Ravens with the ability to kick inside as a pass rusher as well.

I’d be perfectly for the Ravens to land him at 28 but based on so many projections they could probably get him in a trade-back scenario.

Nick Capecci

I guess I am wishful thinker when it comes to the draft every year. I always wish teams will make the best decision possible, and not make moves that cause their fans to question their loyalty. I think this draft is no exception. 

Teams I expect to make all of us laugh at their bad decisions: Miami, Detroit, NYG, NYJ, and the Jaguars because I have no faith in them. 

When it comes to Baltimore, they are in a prime position to allocate even more capital. They have perhaps the most talented roster in the NFL, the best coaching staff, and picks in prime positions. The interesting thing about picking at 28 is seeing who is falling, and who is looking to move up. Last year Atlanta surprised some people by trading back into the first round, and I can see teams doing that again this year. Baltimore should not be pressured to pick someone like Cesar Ruiz (interior offensive linemen rarely get picked in the first round and succeed), or reach for a Wide Receiver that can be added in the second round. Playing the board should be the goal.

My prediction: Baltimore trades out of the first round, allocating more day two picks, and they trade Matthew Judon to either Oakland or Seattle for a fourth-round pick.

Jake Vogel

Round 1 is the glamorous beginning of the daft, but the real meat of the draft is in the middle rounds. Last night was the Eve of draft night, and today is the big kick off of it all. 

Expect a number of big time trades (at least movement) in the first round. The communication may be more difficult this year, but deals should still get done. If a sliding player falls to Baltimore at 28, I expect them to grab that player, but if the cupboard is bare, they will attempt a trade back. 

A.J. Epenesa was my 1st round choice in my final mock draft, but with so many people mocking him to Baltimore, I find it unlikely that he will actually be the pick. Yetur Gross-Matos from Penn State or a wide receiver (J. Jefferson, Mims, Reagor, Aiyuk, MPJ) could be the pick. Ruiz is another strong option, but I think Baltimore will look more for the Guard/Tackle prospects than the Guard/Center players. 

If Baltimore is able to trade back, I expect it to be in the picks (37-45) range. Adding a 4th rounder or late 3rd round pick could be enticing for EDC.

Packaging a 3rd and a 4th rounder to get another the 2nd round selection would be awesome in a strong top 50-75 part of the class.

Tonight is going to be fun. I’ll be participating on Twitter and watching all of the madness unfold.

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