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Aidan Hutchinson

Aidan Hutchinson Michigan Ravens Draft Central
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Aidan Hutchinson

EDGE Michigan 6-6 260 SR #97


ARM LENGTH: 32 1/8″ // HAND SIZE: 10 1/4″
40YD: 4.74 (81%) // 10YD: ( %) // VJ: 36″ (90%) // BJ: 9’09” (73%)
BP: ( %) // SS: 4.15 (97%)// 3C: 6.73 (100%)

Projection: Starting OLB in a 3-4 scheme who should play standing up but needs rush only responsibilities to get the best out of him.

Ravens Fit: Hutchinson isn’t making it to the Ravens but he’s a relentless pass-rusher, with a knack for getting consistent pressure on the QB. His toughness and aggression are exactly what you look for in a Raven defender, and I’m a strong believer that he will do his best work as a Rush OLB in a 3-4 scheme. The 2 things that would cause some hesitation – he can’t be asked to drop regularly – Michigan only let him do it to the side-line when the ball was on the near hash and this was rare. He’s plenty athletic but not a super freak edge-rusher. If they could somehow get their hands on him, he’d start day one on the edge.

Overall Fit 4/5


Played as a down lineman his early years at Michigan but stood up as an OLB his Senior year, with very little coverage responsibilities.

Pass Rush

Due to his vertical explosion and processing run vs pass, his upfield burst in all situations against the pass is excellent. He has a consistent get-off and his second and third steps are equally explosive – he quickly and consistently closes the time the OL has to get to his set-point. He has a solid pass rush plan, built out mainly using his fastball stab-club-rip move which was extremely difficult to neutralize in 1-on-1 situations. This is because of his upfield burst and his use of hands, which is excellent. He strikes hard and fast, and gets into a position of leverage quickly. Then the key to most of his wins, his club is well placed and strong and puts him in maximum control of the Offensive Lineman’s outside arm. He also then clears the OL’s hands well. He has an effective two-hand swipe changeup move but you’d like to see more pass-rush moves to his arsenal, specifically counters for mid-rep when his stab-club-rip gets stunted at the club phase of the disengage – this was rare at Michigan.

You’d like to see some more power moves – he can convert speed to power but Offensive Tackles with a good anchor were able to stop this consistently. He does have good play strength when playing the run so you’d like to see him convert this into a move that allows him to go through the Offensive Lineman in his pass rush. Currently he plays to his strengths and wins with burst, hands and bend. Speaking of his bend, his real strength is his finish to the Quarterback, he has excellent cornering with great ankle flexion and bend, while keeping his feet moving and his hands working. He is naturally aggressive, he’s physically resilient and has a high motor, you can see him chase down the play from miles behind on several occasions.

Vs Run

His excellent processing and therefore take-off extends to the run game. When on the frontside of plays, he sets a very physical edge, he plays the game with a physical/tough streak. His excellent hand usage extends to this phase of the game, when he’s setting the edge, he shoots his hands inside hard and fast and wins early against run blocks. He locks out to gain leverage and when setting the edge, puts the squeeze on his gap and closes it down while still maintaining control of the outside shoulder. He regularly makes tackles in both gaps. As a backside defender, he is disciplined but could be quicker to react to the cut-back.

Dominant edge defender with relentless motor, great upfield burst and hand usage. Remarkable finish to get pressure on the QB, plays the run hard, could add more rush moves

SR: 14 Sacks, 9 QB Hits, 48 Total Tackles, 2 FFs
SO: 6 Sacks, 12 QB Hits, 65 Total Tackles, 2 FFs, 1 PBU
INJURY: Missed 10 games (JR) Fractured Right Ankle

Athleticism 4
Intelligence 4
Versatility 2
Grit 5
Scheme 5

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