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Darian Kinnard

Darian Kinnard Ravens Draft Central
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Darian Kinnard

OL Kentucky 6-5 322 JR #70


ARM LENGTH: 35″ // HAND SIZE: 11 1/4″
40YD: 5.31 (56%) // 10YD: 1.78 (84%) // VJ: 25″ (30%) // BJ: 8’03” (42%)
BP: ( %) // SS: 4.96 (24%)// 3C: 8.11 (31%)

Projection: Developmental OT, that could start at some point in rookie contract with development on technical deficiencies in his game but a long road. Draft Projection: Late Round 2 ~

Ravens Fit: Kinnard has a body type the Ravens look for at the OT position and is a competitive guy with some nasty to him. He has some major technical deficiencies that the Ravens coaching staff would have to be on board with fixing. If you assume that Ronnie Stanley is healthy and that Morgan Moses will start at RT, then Kinnard would be a developmental piece who may also be able to play other spots on the line. But development is required no matter what spot he plays; playing at Guard will not simply cover up the challenges he has. Size/strength to be a scheme fit once he develops.

Overall Fit 3/5

Pass Protection

He has good initial quickness out of his stance and good explosion to get out into his set quickly. He has good foot quickness to intersect rushers but his feet aren’t as efficient as they could be. He doesn’t maintain a wide enough base as he gets to his set-point, particularly on vertical sets, making him susceptible to power rushers with a good rush plan who can set him up to force him to cross his feet before coming through him. This is also true against long-arm moves as his post foot can be rocked backwards. He has good timing with his hands. On an inside strike he also has good placement with his hands and in 45 sets he can use this hand to control and steer the defender. He does not have good power in his hands, both with independent hands or with a two-handed strike.

The lack of strength in his outside hand is matched by it’s below-standard placement and leaves him susceptible to outside moves, especially those rushers with a good club move that they can work off of. These hand placement and strength challenges show up in jump sets as well as on vertical sets. He is a grabber with an occasionally too narrow base which leaves him very vulnerable to power rushers with a good plan. He has good processing ability and can recognize stunts and counters, he has good hip mobility, can flip his hips and open up in either direction, trace and run the hoop with the rusher. When challenged with speed to power moves, he has good recovery ability to reset well and re-anchor. When he does drop anchor he can bring his strength into play by dropping hips to gain leverage.

Run Blocking

As a zone blocker, he does have good foot speed to position well on reach blocks and at the second level. He has a major deficiency in fitting blocks though as he does not play with leverage or good hand placement. While his initial steps to get to the block are good, once he gets there he stands up straight and attempts to man-handle the defender with sheer upper body strength alone. This means that those defenders with far inferior upper body strength but a better understanding of leverage and therefore play strength than him can prevent him from ever finishing a block.

When he does manage to fit the block, he doesn’t always finish as he doesn’t move his feet on contact. He works well as the takeover man on double teams and times his release well to the second level. As a gap blocker the same fitting deficiency shows up, on drive/base blocks he chases and grabs, falls over himself and doesn’t sustain the block. He plays with some nasty and toughness to his game and is competitive.

Major deficiencies in both hand usage and footwork in pass pro/block fitting in the run game. Lots of potential given athletic ability, strength, size and toughness

3 Year Starter at RT

Toughness 4
Intelligence 3
Versatility 3
Grit 3
Scheme 3

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