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Jaquan Brisker

Jaquan Brisker Ravens Draft Central
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Jaquan Brisker

S Penn State 6-1 199 SR #1


ARM LENGTH: 31 ¾”//HAND SIZE: 9 7/8”//40YD: 4.49 (90%)//10YD: 1.57 (83%)

VJ: 34 ½” (57%)//BJ: 10’04” (86%)//BP: 22 (93%)//SS: 4.19 (78%)//3C: 6.91 (79%)


Projection: Developmental Safety who, if he improves processing/technique, could be a versatile piece, playing most defensive backfield spots. Draft Projection: Round 2 ~

Ravens Fit: The processing deficiency really limits the chances that Brisker will be a Raven on Draft day. He does not look like a Raven DB in that most get off their spots quickly and make plays on the ball. Brisker has some tools to develop, mainly his athleticism, that the Ravens will like. And they might like their chances to develop him in their scheme, which on the face of it, he should be a fit for. In reality I don’t believe he challenges Brandon Stephens for the intriguing developmental Safety spot and he isn’t versatile enough for other assignments right now due to the processing and technique issues he exhibits.
Overall Fit 2/5


Has played mostly in the box but also has time covering in the slot and playing deep.


He is athletically gifted and has very good speed and vertical explosion. However, there are technique and processing deficiencies that limit his play speed currently. He has the athletic tools to get to the sideline from a single high position but he doesn’t get off his spot quickly enough to consistently make the play. With Quarterbacks who maintain good eye discipline, Wide Receivers who play with good disguise to their routes, or against more complex offenses, he will only make plays from a two-high position on the ball after the catch on shorter routes to the sideline like out-routes.

On longer developing corner routes against more average QB-WR competition his athleticism and recovery speed can come into play. In addition to the processing deficiency, he is overly-reliant on his athletic tools in his pedal and transitions. He stays very high in his backpedal and is slower to transition to forward movement than someone with his explosion should be, he can take one or two extra steps before making the transition. He gains ground well when going backwards and he can move well on the 45 to get to his requisite zone but his lateral agility and balance leave something to be desired. He is proficient at reading receivers when locked up in man coverage, he notices small movements and can read simpler route progressions.

He is physical through the route in demonstration of his physical toughness which also shows up at the catch-point. He will compete at the catch-point and finds the football well in the air with good ball tracking and timing. He closes quickly but left interceptions on the field due to his lack of processing and therefore late arrival at the catch-point.

Run Support and Tackling

He doesn’t have a quick enough trigger when diagnosing the run and can be left isolated by misdirection and smoke and mirrors from more complex offenses. This lack of play speed means he can be slow to engage his gap. When he does trust his eyes and play faster, which is in more obvious running situations and with little pre-snap movement to focus on, he can make plays on the ball carrier, at or behind the line of scrimmage. This is because when he does get off his spot, he takes good angles and his physical toughness comes into play as he is able to get off blocks from bigger blockers and make a tackle on the ball carrier in his lane. He is gap disciplined and plays as a force player when necessary. He has good play strength and is a solid open field tackler. He will get most body types to the floor and hits with power but he can lose form, either diving too low or going for a bigger hit than is necessary.

Rangy, athletically gifted but flawed prospect. Processing and technique issues mean he needs development at the next level. Physically tough and takes good angles

SR: 1 sack, 2 QB hits, 64 total tackles, 1 FF, 2 INTs, 4 PBUs JR: 1 sack, 59 total tackles, 1 INT, 5 PBUs Injury: Undisclosed shoulder injury (SR) Missed No Games

Athleticism 5
Intelligence 3
Versatility 4
Grit 3
Scheme 5

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